from No Regrets For Our Youth by Libel



The air is too hot, I can’t breathe
Methane seeps through ventilation
Inferno ignites in my lungs
And spreads across cerebellum
The sun is still down but light comes
From a horizon composed of taillights
Speakers carry a voice to my ears
Don’t know the words still I hum

I recognize but can’t process
These data streams

Glance at the clock; there’s time lost
I’ve been somewhere else I can’t recall
‘cept the faintest hint of elan
dissolving like sugar onto tongue
(come inside me)
florescent light splits the head
(deify me)
While screen tears away at the sockets
(come inside me)
Still the melody plays through my mind
(deify me)
Let it swim over

I recognize but can’t process
These data streams
Rolling like waves into subconsciousness
She’s leading me

And yes, she says
You have a meaning
And yes, she says
There is a question you should have asked yourself by now
What is when and where is why, but how only appears
If you know which way to tilt your head
Nothing is obscured between the lines

All that she shows is a lie
All that I know is fallacy
Will she teach me the words to her song?
Will she teach me how to abscond?

How can it be more real than real?


from No Regrets For Our Youth, track released November 19, 2010


all rights reserved



Libel Brooklyn, New York

Proud purveyors of unpopular music.

"[S]ounds exactly like the fruit of an imaginary collaboration between [The Pixies] and the Thin White Duke.” – The Deli

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