No Regrets For Our Youth

by Libel

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All songs written and performed by Julie Rozansky, Jonathan Hanson & Gavin Dunaway


released November 19, 2010

Engineered by Andrea Zavareei & Gavin Dunaway
Mixed by Joe Rouiller & Gavin Dunaway
Mastered by Josh Bonati - Bonati Mastering NYC
Produced by Libel
Album art by Michela Buttignol & Francesco Fioretto
Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved

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Libel Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn's leading purveyors of protoglam.

"[S]ounds exactly like the fruit of an imaginary collaboration between [The Pixies] and the Thin White Duke.” – The Deli

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Track Name: No Regrets For Our Youth
We can always steal back to the first page

They’ll torch the fields in which we graze
And fire their guns in the air as we dance right through the blaze
Well, tomorrow is forever, I’m obsessed with today
Enchanted by the hour, infatuated by the moment
Refuse to let this slip away

And I don’t care
Nor should you
‘bout whose hearts we break
Along our merry way

For I have seen what happens next
And I will slash and burn this terrain with absolutely no regret

For my dreams
Are haunted by suits and commutes
Gray hair and wrinkled skin draped around a wrinkled corpse
I can’t wake up, no no no no no

It doesn’t have to end this way
We can always steal back to the first page
And never read the epilogue
Track Name: TLO
Creeping, crawling
Across the floorboards, nails tearing up hard wood
Drooling, growling
Premonitions – hear them hissing in the darkness

A great fire!
Throughout the valley
Hear the screams of your children
Are you prepared
To face the consequences
Of your ambivalence
You’ll never see this coming down

Hush now, son
We’ll shield you from
All you fear
And what you fear is near

Tossing, turning
Atop the mattress, under a lone sheet
The covers requisitioned
At the request of my guardians

They say monsters
Oh those scary monsters under your bed
Hear them chattering
Keep you up all through the night
They got razor-sharp claws to rip off your flesh
Acid spit to melt your muscles
Tusk-like teeth to gnash your bones
And wait till you see how big their dicks are

Hush now, son
We’ll shield you from
All you fear
And what you fear is near
Sure, there’s a price
And it may seem steep
But keep in mind
Where you’d be without

A great fire!
Throughout the valley
Hear the screams of your children
Are you prepared
To face the consequences
Of your ambivalence
You’ll never see this coming down

It seems
Friend and fiend speak in the same tones
Knights and beasts look a lot alike
They share a shape in the shadow
Cut out of me

Can’t stop shaking, still scared shitless
Last night they came, stole my last blanket
Stripped me naked, they’re growling louder
Wrapped up in a ball, I’m without power
I guess I’ll have to sleep with my eyes open

A great fire!
Don’t stop to think
Just keep up your shrieking
Track Name: Wasp Lane
Lived so long in black white
Sweeping all the grays to the side
The awkward color intruder
Shuttled out the door with haste
Repel, repel
All complication
Expel, expel
All consternation

Our cherished spot must be sanitized
A model of homogeneity

Children with peach complexions
Wrestling atop manicured greens
Two-story homes perfectly spaced
And painted in an approved shade
Resist, resist
All augmentation
Insist, insist
On assimilation

Sentries roam the yards, patrol the perimeter
Safety a priority
We’ll dig a moat, fill it with crocodiles
Keep this community clean

Within castle walls, chimneys smoke tonight
What a heartwarming sight
While the world revolves we will stand in place
Track Name: Simulation
The air is too hot, I can’t breathe
Methane seeps through ventilation
Inferno ignites in my lungs
And spreads across cerebellum
The sun is still down but light comes
From a horizon composed of taillights
Speakers carry a voice to my ears
Don’t know the words still I hum

I recognize but can’t process
These data streams

Glance at the clock; there’s time lost
I’ve been somewhere else I can’t recall
‘cept the faintest hint of elan
dissolving like sugar onto tongue
(come inside me)
florescent light splits the head
(deify me)
While screen tears away at the sockets
(come inside me)
Still the melody plays through my mind
(deify me)
Let it swim over

I recognize but can’t process
These data streams
Rolling like waves into subconsciousness
She’s leading me

And yes, she says
You have a meaning
And yes, she says
There is a question you should have asked yourself by now
What is when and where is why, but how only appears
If you know which way to tilt your head
Nothing is obscured between the lines

All that she shows is a lie
All that I know is fallacy
Will she teach me the words to her song?
Will she teach me how to abscond?

How can it be more real than real?
Track Name: A Fatality
I slipped on the ice and broke my neck
The medics said, son, you can't die just yet
The future's all flying cars and robots
So be a good boy and give all you got

I'm sorry, I replied, I can't consent
I've long believed this is God's intent
They laughed and pretended not to hear
They patched me up good as new—or near

Decades later, I'm the victim of sleight
Sky's empty with no hover crafts in sight
Each day I repeat routines that I was taught
Never dreamed I'd grow up to be a robot

Eyes on the ground searching for patches of ice
'Cause I doubt fortune will smile upon me twice
Each day living against divine will
I'm convinced He's going in… For the kill

I don't want to be scared anymore
Can't I just turn my head and ignore
The danger lying in wait
Not one corner appears to be safe

If you think someone's watching out
You're dumber than me without a doubt
He's vengeful, even more now
Always amazed at how
We keep fucking up His plans

Stepped in the street, got hit by the bus
The driver said, son, don't make a fuss
Scientists will rebuild you even better
Well, isn't that just great
Track Name: Hero of Haarlem
Bright light breaks up the night like poltergeist
On holiday from the grave
She wanders ‘round the room, eyes filled with gloom
Waiting on her playmate

We’ll see if my charm can span
The width of your jilted heart
Though I know the answer
I’ll play this game with the utmost fervor

Distance kept, we share a drink, we’d never think
This is anything not kosher
Clock strikes three—it’s time to go, she will follow
The path I lead to my street

Stay here one night
No more dear
Can’t bear to be alone
Stay here tonight
By my side
And patch up these fissures

With the morning sun she runs
Hide her head, shake off the night
Cold and worn, I’m alone
Safe in the thought that it was nothing
And nothing is so safe

(How can this mean anything to you?
How can this mean anything to me?)

I’ve been in love once or twice and this isn’t it
But it certainly does a good job of plugging a hole
Like some Dutch boy with his thumb in the dyke
Saving the town from inundation
I’m so scared of flooding over

Every time is the first, every time is the last
So we say
See you same time, same place next week
(Are you happy? Are you sad?)
No, I’m just satisfied
What more can I ask for?
What more can I ask for?

Bright lights break up the night like poltergeist
On holiday from the grave

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