Comfort In the Noise

by Libel

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Sanal "Sunny" Leejean
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Sanal "Sunny" Leejean This is impossible blend of Billy Corgan playing in Faith No More, and it's not fancy at all Favorite track: Simulacra.
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A great pale shadow casts down on the east And though it may seem crazy No-mans-land has turned up-and-coming For the bourgeoisie The neighbors stare as we unpack the vans Like pilgrims arriving on the promised land New playground for the young and moneyed Quick enough, we multiply like bunnies The neighborhood has its blemishes, yes How many crackhouses is anyone’s guess The occasional gunshot is a fright And forget about walking alone at night But when our friends ask us, “Is it so bad?” We’ll say, “No, you’ll be glad When you join us out here” Raze the tenements to make space For luxury condos Indistinguishable and gray Stacked high with loft windows Discount stores on every block Replaced by yoga studios and cheese shops Boutiques far as the eye can see AmEx stamped over WIC Rents rise up at a ludicrous pace As brokers and bloggers scream: “This is the place!” Landlords budget for renovations Evicting tenets with no reservations And our hearts go out to those displaced It’s a disgrace You don’t know how bad we feel But it’s all right, it’s all right – This hipster mecca Is temporary at best ‘Cause soon enough we’ll get priced out Or just simply bored Like every time before Pack it up, pack it up now Move on down the line
Not Invited 04:16
Then the question’s posed: “Just who do you know? Who validates your ticket?” You casually defect but the crowd objects They’re going to get up and picket, cause You can’t just turn it on You can’t just turn it off Hell no – you’re not invited Charm will only get you so far Hell no – you’re not invited Word ain’t always as good as bond Sure, your style’s suave, better than the average slob But you lack the credentials We decided long ago who leads and who follows And while you may have potential You can’t just turn it on You can’t just turn it off You’ve got to be blessed with that je ne sais quoi Until then… Hell no – you’re not invited Charm will only get you so far Hell no – you’re not invited Word ain’t always as good as bond
Simulacra 04:40
The flesh is cold, the flesh is dead Wrapped up so, makes a marvelous spread And filthy fingers long to cop a feel Of something real But they’re kept behind the glass Convinced it’s more than a mirage Take a peek behind the visage Hiding nothing ‘cause there’s nothing to hide Don’t be surprised It’s dead and resurrected at the same time The word from ev’ry faceless voice Simulacra, the currency of choice When roaming the city of caricatures You can be sure No reference, circumference, only eminence grise Images are treacherous it’s said Recognition will only tear you asunder So turn the lights off, leave the mask on I don’t want to know more I don’t want to see What’s realer than real’s not real at all What’s realer than real’s nothing more Than a façade
Dead Air 04:57
Wise man says: Drop in, turn on, tune out The medium’s trampled the message Being informed has never been so subjective Why pay for knowledge when entertainment’s so cheap? Pandering, placating, filling up dead air Contorting, obscuring, putting in our share By now you know, you know There’s comfort in the noise By now you know, you know Silence is merely devastating This horse race has no finish line Gotta know who’s up, who’s down this week Right and wrong is dull, right and left is much more fun Rules laid out by suckers paying the rent And once you turn it on, you’ll never turn it off And once you turn it on, it’s always staying on
Hats Off 03:33
Saw right through the bluff Cut down to size quick enough For the digital horde to see 140 characters of self-righteous banter Brought no one to their knees So hats off to you Mighty dragon slayer Bleating all that’s true Most valuable player In your mind We’re just a buncha pure-bred cynics On the hunt for the authentic And never satisfied Unending crusade Pissing on every parade Till all the lights have died Then it’s hats off to you Can’t do no better Queen of virtue In spirit and letter Trolls recognize and cheer their own Safe to say you’ll never be alone
Bygones 03:59
If this climate has you frightened We promise to leave you most enlightened Because… What’s written right can’t be wrong Let bygones be bygones We’ve said the same thing all along If you find our methods callow We offer the choice to spit or swallow Are you gonna break down? Say it’s a shakedown? No mortal soul could withstand You’re gonna take it, fake it Act like you knew it was all in the plan, ‘cause What’s written right can’t be wrong Let bygones be bygones We’ve said the same thing all along If things get hairy, remember results may vary Still there’s no way to go wrong Have you heard the news? How could you not? Marx is dead, brother – you better declare your lot You can have it all, child If you reach out with your fists Go get it now Now we’ve bitten into the pathos of austerity Lemme tell you self-sufficiency ain’t all it’s cracked up to be We don’t need it all, man Just leave us a sip… If you can If you feel you’ve been forsaken Consider just which path you’ve taken
Preoccupied 04:24
Brewing on the campuses and setting off schisms Neither right nor left which way it blows Enlightenment is knocking but the door’s been bolted shut Inside we sit with our heads between our knees Simply bracing for the moment’s end Squatting in the park space and shitting on the green When the white shirts come, the gas and blood will flow Enlightenment is calling but the handset’s gone missing It rings and rings while we kowtow on all fours Simply bracing for the moment’s end Too scared to speak When we’re bracing for the moment’s end Too wired to sleep Always bracing for the moment’s end So lie back and close your eyes Just in case you find You really kinda feel it, yeah It’s coming any second now
Frivolous 04:50
Just a whiff of your scent Enough to bring me to tears Go spiraling into lust Though every warning sign appears You say, “Come on – Don’t you wanna get down? A little messing around Won’t hurt you none” Divided to my core Wants and needs twisted in a web Your siren call well aware My desire will not ebb You say, “Come on – Give it up to me I got what’ll set you free Within this cage” Don’t fret your conflicting emotions Give in to what’s been set in motion Bow your head like you understand You’re frivolous I’m nothing but a toy to you Hard as stone in your have And this rushing of my blood Too much for this man to withstand So come on I’m ready to get down Let’s stop messing around And get to the business It’s not sensory extortion If you relish every portion Bow your head now you understand You’re frivolous… Just like I am Somehow you penetrate my skin Somehow you weave yourself within I can’t contain How will I sustain? It’s not frivolous to me
Mediocrity rises up Overfloweth the cup Floods the valleys, sinks in the soil Seasons of crops do spoil In time Deathly tired of the popular canon High time to abandon Opinions of hacks dying or dead Tear them apart thread By thread A simple mission, the task divine The higher calling too vague to define I’m coming down to suffocate the status quo Firmly ‘gainst the consensus Pissing on picket fences No pity for your sad sacks of shit Slit your wrists or get over it Done the math, ain’t no other way Light a match, burn it all today I’m coming down to suffocate the status quo Trip the light fantastic and all that good stuff This has gone on longer than enough I’m coming down to suffocate the status quo We dig and dig this well so deep But there’s no spring to tap Beneath the surface is just more surface Underneath it all is the root of all Mediocrity stays on top God knows when it’ll stop Flooding the valleys, eroding the soil This whole crop’s done spoiled
Shifting trains on switching tracks Circumventing heart attacks Mantras scroll across display And time slips away Ignoring calls for preservation Bailing on the conversation Before the subject turns morbid I’ll sink off the grid But hold still – Help is on the way Close your eyes and count to 10 Dry are teats for babes to suck Capitalism’s run amok Breaking news for the unaware Trying hard to care Endless servings of distraction Mute the craving for satisfaction Immersed in vacuous routine Comparatively serene Now hold still – Help is on the way Close your eyes and count to 10 Temper anxiety Otherwise you’ll make a mess And don’t push again and again We’ve heard your call, we’ll be there soon Just close your eyes and count to 10 Close your eyes now Somebody release me, I gotta disconnect Somehow, somewhere, some way Somebody release me, I gotta disengage Shifting trains on switching tracks Circumventing heart attacks Repeating all that came before Isn’t there something more? There’s gotta be something more


Written, performed and produced by Libel:

Gavin Dunaway – vocals, guitar
Julie Rozansky – bass, vocals
Justin Gonzales – guitar, synths
Nick Brzoza – drums, percussion


released April 29, 2016

Drums and bass engineered by Mitch Rakin, Seaside Lounge
Guitars, vocals and percussion engineered by Gavin Dunaway, Justin Gonzales and Nick Brzoza
Keyboards on "Migration Patterns" and "Frivolous" by Nadia Brittingham
Mixed by Matt Stein, SWAN7 Recording
Mastered by Justin Stivers
Cover art by Michela Buttignol
©2016 All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved



Libel Brooklyn, New York

Proud purveyors of unpopular music.

"[S]ounds exactly like the fruit of an imaginary collaboration between [The Pixies] and the Thin White Duke.” – The Deli

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