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All Alone With My Clone

by Libel

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Hopeless children cry for a reckoning They’ve had it with deaf ears Higher ground inveighed, it’s oh so sickening Such vitriol and jeers “Where have you gotten to Out long past curfew?” Go and say what you like I won’t stop you Creature comforts—they are beckoning But we’re caught up in arrears Exposition fades, the plot is thickening But we know it ends in tears Where have we fallen from— The beat of our own drum? Go and say what you like Happy to play the fool Not like anyone’s listening anyway Go and say what you like I won’t stop you
Give us an effigy Give us a flame When we burn our fingers We'll know who to blame No, I don't know the root Couldn't care about the cause The nuance of the situation Never gave me pause When it's so easy to hate in the abstract Don't stop to think, simply react String up a strawman Better give him a name Wrap around his neck Every spurious claim If you must paint a picture Use the broadest of strokes Because it's on the fine, fine details That everyone chokes When it's so easy to hate in the abstract Don't stop to think simply react It's so easy to hate in the abstract And hate is what we do We're here to stamp out every divergent view When we're done with that we'll gladly start anew With all the tales we've spun And it's so easy to love in the abstract Just swipe away every inconvenient fact
The Shallows 04:37
Youth— so alluring, so alight My envy boils in the night As she struts on by Breathe in The scent of naivety Shame about the brevity But what lasts anyway? Her skin is soft ‘Neath eyes so dull Her placeless lilt Lures me into a lull What’s that— Are you talking to me? Surely this must be Some kind of mistake (No, she says) Please Let me lead you astray Down some dark alleyway Let’s have some fun Her touch is hot My blood runs cold She softly hisses What could could unfold My skin is taut My mind’s gone numb My senses fraught With what’s to come So slam the brakes Recognize this path you take Is merely a short walk To the gallows And heed the call Ignore the fact you want it all And scurry back to The shallows My skin is loose Mind not so sharp Still I realize This is not my part
So should we wax poetic About our waning relevance? Or mock the most pathetic Victims of circumstance? Propped up on empty words Learned at universities And should it come to swords We’ll shield ourselves with degrees And do you feel blessed by the powers that be— Those unknown souls who deemed you worthy Of the prestige laid at your feet Now if you ever doubt your status ‘Specially with this shitstorm comin’ at us At least try to keep discrete (When we say) Stand up for the pack Privilege has your back Always on defense For the recompense (And it goes something like...) Label the patriarchy The source of all frustration But it’s this hierarchy That keeps us in our station Stand up for the pack Privilege has your back United and proud? That’s fodder for the crowd And we swore it couldn’t change But it was us who refused to change
Small Minds 06:44
I am the product of small minds The child of cramped rooms Eschewing the expanse For the comfort of narrow I pray to the businessman I worship the capitalist Laissez faire is my mantra And profit my altar The game is set The rules are met And those who prosper Are the ones who fall in I have no time for reflection No patience for penance Only the function for pity Doled out on the week I lament the safety net Spread tales of the welfare queen Take my every cue From the faces on cable news No hesitations No deviations No course-corrections The path has shown true Thy kingdom come Thy will be done On earth as in heaven We do as we’re told
Come + Go 06:37
There’s always panic when the car doors shut Flailing limbs and haired pulled out in chunks Eerie silence once the screaming stops And riders fortify their positions for the next platform Have you nothing to say? Turn your head look away Tell yourself it’s not your problem Not your problem Just another tome to make you say Over-sensationalized to drive the clicks Too soon to go the mourners cry But everyone wonders was it worth the cost? Have you nowhere to go? Buy high sell low Keeping thinking it’s not a problem Well, it looks like a problem Yeah, it might be problem Well, it’s a problem now. All these people I’ve seen them before but I don’t know where All these places Go back and forth, just go back and forth Come come come Across the platform then you Go go go Back where you came from Run run run To catch the next train Stop stop stop ‘Cuz you’re too fucking late


All proceeds raised during the pre-order and first week of release on Bandcamp will be donated to The Committee to Protect Journalists.

CPJ is “an independent, nonprofit organization that promotes press freedom worldwide. We defend the right of journalists to report the news safely and without fear of reprisal.”


released February 5, 2021

All tracks written by Gavin Dunaway, Nick Brzoza, Justin Gonzales, and Julie Rozansky.

Gavin Dunaway — vocals, guitars, synths, drums, programming, da noize
Justin Gonzales — guitars, synths, vocals, general weirdness
Julie Rozanksy — bass, timely quips

Engineered by Gavin Dunaway and Justin Gonzales
Mixed, Mastered, and Produced by Gavin Dunaway

Cover Art by Michela Buttignol

Thanks to: Mickey & Tallulah, Nick Brzoza, Benji Reynolds, Jeremiah McVay, Manny Nomikos, Andrea DeFelice, Will Popadic, Fox Bowden, Brent Gonzales, Deb Best, Sean Dunaway, Steve Perry and probably a lot more people that I’ll later curse myself for not thinking of.

Released by Stereoactive Media [SAM004]


all rights reserved



Libel Brooklyn, New York

Proud purveyors of unpopular music.

"[S]ounds exactly like the fruit of an imaginary collaboration between [The Pixies] and the Thin White Duke.” – The Deli

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